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So you're a Landlord?

Tips for Landlords

 The Property Manager or Landlord can……..

• inspect the property with 48 hours’ notice – but not more than once every four weeks

• do repairs with 24 hours’ notice

• show buyers or prospective tenants the property, with the tenant’s agreement.

The Landlord/Property Manager must

• maintain the property and do any necessary repairs

• allow the tenant peace and privacy

• give your tenant 60 days’ written notice before any rent increase

 (you can’t increase the rent more than once every 6 months)

• give the tenant 90 days’ notice if you want them to leave (only in a periodic tenancy).

  If you or a member of your family needs to move in, you can give 42 days’ notice.

•tell your tenant if you put the property on the market

• give your tenant at least 42 days’ notice when the property has been sold, unless it’s a fixed-term tenancy.

 We can list your property on a casual basis, pleae contact us for our services & fees.

At no stage, do we release keys to prospective tenants.  We personally show all prospective tenants to the properties.

 We organise access via the tenant if the property is tenanted and conduct all personal viewings.

Tenancy Services maintain a website with general tenancy information:



Landlord Toolbox

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